5 key tips to consider when planning your wedding photography

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1 venue

The venue will reflect how your pictures look, nothing compares to a naturally beautiful venue. 

Here is a traditional church wedding, I love the look of the stained glass in the background.

With the warm glow from the church lights, the guests are not too close giving the couple an intimate time to exchange vowels. 

2 decoration

Something to consider when doing this is whether guests will be sittimg or standing?

Flower arrangements will create a great backdrop where you exchange your vowels.

These flowers make old-fashioned windows look so much prettier adding a unique touch to the setting. 

Here we created an isle of people to so everyone can throw confetti on the couple.

This is a tradition that comes from Roman times it wishes fertility and prosperity on the couple.

3 group photos location:

The background for your group shots is most important and can make or break an image.

This example demonstrates all the beautiful open space and how we made the most of it.

4 timing:

Time is important so you can get the best out of all the guests and create beautiful posed photographs.

An example of what a group wedding list could look like. 

Sunset is a great time to photograph the newly married couple before the evening party starts, you can see the orange tint as the sun prepares to set.

5 Planning

Lastly having a list of all key shots will make sure your bride and groom can relax.

I ask every couple for a plan, which looks a little like this allowing them to relax and enjoy the day because everything is covered with a detailed schedule.

If you are or soon to be looking at booking a wedding photographer for your big day I hope this was of interest to you

All the best and good luck planning Marie-Louise