Your wedding venue will be the backdrop for your wedding photographs:

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Let’s talk wedding venues, I think this is such an important part when it comes to your wedding, I have been to many venues and I have only re-visited a few, the big question is how do you choose a venue?

I know many aspects involved will look something like this:


How many people can attend,




And of course Availability

All I can say is when I started I always thought a traditional church wedding would be my cup of tea, but now after seeing many different wedding styles locations, and approaches I now can see how difficult it could be to choose.

I wanted to do this post in order to maybe help a couple looking for the perfect venue.

There are many things to consider when planning your wedding, the date is a great starting point as it will be one to remember. It could resemble your first date or maybe a milestone.

Your guest list is very special, some would say they want a small intimate wedding but others would disagree, everyone’s perspective on a wedding is different.

The dress is probably the bride’s most important aspect, she needs to feel beautiful elegant, and comfortable all at the same time, as most Brides intend on wearing their dress until the very last dance. These big decisions about choosing your bridesmaids and best men are very important and also very difficult if you have too many special friends.

However, one decision which for me is most important is your wedding venue. The location you decide upon is one of the most instrumental parts of your wedding, it will be the backdrop for your wedding photographs and the place in which memories of a lifetime will be created.

I have attached some of the venues I have attended over the years, it’s great to see wedding photographs so you can visualise how your wedding could look on the day, I also get brilliant ideas and inspiration by looking at other photographers work.

I hope this blog has been an interesting read and helped you think about how to choose your perfect wedding venue.